Reception & service: co- operative & good cordination,good assistance for all facilities, humble way of treating the guest. Guest rooms: excellent, clean & tidy nrooms. Restaurants/ coffeeshop: delicious food items, good to have & home made coffee is good.

Tamilarasu, # 4, Kalanjerv street

Mob : 9841607173, e-Mail : tamilarasu25@gmail.com
Rreception & service: we are very much impressed of your gracefull indian style of welcome with diya & bindi. Guest rooms: very fine. Restaurents/coffeshop: fantastic
Receptionist with smiling.

Nitish Chandramandal

2014202, Riddhi Avennue, Makarpura Road, Barod, Mob : 9409089139
Reception& service: very well great service, polite & helpful. Guest rooms: very clean & neat rooms we loved the view & the setup. Restaurent/coffee shop: enjoyed the food well, we loved to have few more choices in menu we enjoy the service from everyone.

Sourabh kushwoha

1102 a, White flag, Sec 19, Kamathe, Navi Mumbai, Mob : 8286210096

Freception & service: friendly & helpful staff, good hospitality. Guest rooms: neat & clean rooms & bath rooms. Restaurants/coffeeshop: good food loved the carrot halwa. Keep it up!!.

Rahul Lodha

East Tambaram Chennai, Mob : 9940483286, e-Mail id: rahullodha@gmail.com
Eception & service: very good. Guest rooms: very good. Restaurent& coffee shop: very good. Everyone was friendly & helpful.

Mr. Cross

9 Wood Wards, Crawley, e-Mail : mand77@hotmail.com
Reception & service: the reception & service were welcoming up to the exceptions. Guest rooms: very artically decorated clean & spacious. Restaurent/coffeeshop: good variety in the menu, the buffet was enjoyable thank you. All are very hospitable & co-operative.

Amarvir Manhas

Pine house, 18-a Bhawani Nagar, Mob : 9419000016, e-Mail : amarvir.manhas@gmail.com
Reception & service: service provided by good $ beyond expectation Guest rooms: good. Restaurant/coffeeshop: dining service was goodn too..

Laxmi Narayanan

Address: 303/b1s Nagar, Pune, Mob : 9922882277
Fort Munnar